How It Works

Just Stack It! Loading Platforms are easy to build using our Hardware Kits and lumber you get from the Home stores. The Stacked Bracket design makes for the strongest possible corner connections.

1. Order the number of platform and wardrobe Kits you will need from us. The platforms will be 4' deep and as wide as the container, so as an example, a 15' U-Haul® truck or a 16’ POD® could use 3 platforms and a 27' truck could use up to 6 platforms. That may sound like a lot, but these platforms will help you save a lot of space and help protect your furniture, so plan accordingly.  Plus, you may not need as many PODS® or as big a truck when using loading platforms. 

2. Using our Assembly and Cut Sheets, get your lumber from the Home store and you can probably get them to cut it to size for you, but if not, all cuts are square, no angles or notches. 

3. Pack your home as much as you can to be ready to load before your truck or POD® arrives.

5. Using our Assembly Instructions first assemble only the Platform End Frames.  When you are ready to load, place the  assembled End Frames in the container/truck and install the Back Rail crosspiece. Move the platform frame all the way back into position and secure it to the container using small rope or twine to control the front-to-back movement.  If the platform frame is wedged against the container/truck box, you just need to secure it with rope to control moving backward.  The platform top, when installed properly, will wedge against the box walls and control the side-to-side movement.  

6. Load up! Begin packing under the platform and when finished, add the Front Rail, Center Rails, and any Wardrobe Kits you are using. Follow all Assembly Instructions to complete the platform.  Now, install the temporary Safety Leg and platform top before you climb or pack on top of this platform.  When completed, add additional platforms as needed, securing the frames together with the included Tie Straps, and reusing the Safety Leg. 

Using Just Stack It! Loading Platforms takes a bit of work, but the benefits make it worthwhile. Loading will go more quickly and you'll get so much more into the container, plus you will be Packing-To-Protect your things.

Once you have completed your move and unpacked, you can repurpose the platforms into shelving, workbench, or tables for your garage, Mini-Storage, or shed.  The industrial look, with some stain or paint, might also go well in your Man Cave or other rooms in your home.