FAQ and Troubleshooting

1.  MY CENTER RAILS ARE TOO SHORT:  If the Center Rails seem too short during assembly, check to be sure you have FULLY inserted the Front and Back Rails into the Corner Connectors.  View the Insertion Windows to see the lumber.  Double check your cut measurements.  Center Rails should be 3-1/2" shorter than the Front and Back Rails. 

2.  MY PLATFORM SEEMS WOBBLY: Do not worry about a platform frame being 'wobbly'.  Once you secure the platform frame to the truck or Pod with rope or strap to control front-to-back movement and install the platform top per the instructions to control side-to-side movement, it will be stable and safe for loading.   Additional platforms use the (2) included Tie Straps to connect platform frames together and control front-to-back movement.  

3.  I RAN OUT OF SCREWS: You only need (3) screws for each Corner Connector, (1) for each pocket.  Alternatively, you can use common drywall or other screws of a similar length.  

4.  MY LUMBER DOES NOT FULLY INSERT INTO THE CORNER CONNECTOR:  Lumber varies in dimension and as noted in the Assembly Instructions, it is important you take a Corner Connector with you when you purchase lumber to check fit.  Try the other end of the lumber, trim a bit of the wood to get it to fit, or you may need to purchase a different piece of lumber.

5.  MY OSB/PLYWOOD PLATFORM TOP DOES NOT FULLY COVER THE PLATFORM FRAME: Some truck boxes are wider than 8' inside.  In this case you need to leave the open space in the center, or fill it with a separate piece of wood,  so the two main Platform Top pieces can contact the box walls to control the frame side-to-side movement.

6.  HOW MANY PLATFOMS DO I NEED?  The platforms are all 4' deep.  Width is a user determined dimension.  Suppose you have a 27' truck box to fill.  You could use up to (6) platforms, 4' times 6 = 24'.  Please review the Assembly Instructions for more details.  

7.  I JUST HAVE A QUESTION: Email us at support@juststackit.com and we will get back as soon as we can.